We are not alone... 1

No, I’m not actually going to talk about aliens (sorry to disappoint). I’m going to be talking about the global pandemic; and that if we can take anything positive out of it, it is the shared experience and increase in connectedness to others we have experienced as a result.

When something big happens that has a far-reaching emotional impact, you briefly see a rise in compassion, understanding, and a desire from people to support one another.

These impulses seem to transcend the normal boundaries and divisions we draw between people. The rich will help the poor, the poor will help the rich and people of different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds come together to support each other. Temporarily, in these moments, the beliefs that people cling to, which they use to define themselves and separate themselves from others, seem much less important.

Of course, there will always be some people who remain on the outside, removing themselves from those around them. I’m not going to ignore or defend those who stored up enough toilet paper to see themselves through a nuclear winter! But, instead of focusing on that part of humanity (the part we see almost every day in one way or another), I am going to focus on the potential the human race has when it harnesses universal compassion.

When the pandemic hit, I found myself reaching out to people I would not ordinarily, and I truly believe others did the same. As this is a global crisis, it is likely that conversations between people of different nations would have also increased. People will have shared in the same experience, and supported each other through it, regardless of all that separates or distinguishes them from one another.

Here in the UK, we also saw an outpouring of support and respect for those putting their lives on the line to protect the majority. And whilst this positivity may have dwindled somewhat in recent months, we shouldn’t forget what happened.

We are not alone... 2

If we can experience a shared empathy for one another during times of crisis, why do we not do it when things return to normal (or the “new normal”)?

Frequently, we have demonstrated our ability to be one people and have compassion for one another. Perhaps if we were able to continue to focus on our shared experiences rather than our differences, and to see things from other’s perspectives, having respect for others and what they go through, the world could become a better place.

I say we should at least try and keep this idea going, to continue to forge those raw human connections, (even if this can’t be face-to-face at the moment). Perhaps by doing so we can reduce loneliness and generate more positivity. Because heaven knows, we all need some of that right now!

We are not alone... 3

If you feel the same way and would like to continue to spread positivity, consider following me on social media and (importantly), connecting to others who also do. I’d love to create a community of support and compassion that benefits all members.

Alternatively, if you find yourself feeling lonely and need someone to talk to about the things that are weighing on your mind, I would be happy to arrange an initial assessment session for you. In this session you will discover if having counselling with me would be a good fit for you personally.

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