I cannot thank Sophie enough for her help and support during the time I was visiting her for counselling.

I started to see Sophie during a time in my life I felt I had lost control and through our sessions she gave me the tools to unpick my anxieties and apply rational thought.

With Sophie’s help I was able to visit my GP and present my symptoms of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Without my sessions with Sophie, I wouldn’t have made the connection between my irrational thoughts and my cycle. The encouragement to keep a diary of thoughts and feelings and the visits to Sophie on a bi-monthly basis gave me the foundations to starting establishing a picture of why I was feeling certain things only on certain days. Without my visits to Sophie this wouldn’t have happened as I wouldn’t have had anywhere else to open up and process my thoughts.

Sophie is a wonderful counsellor and I am incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to meet her.

Female client

I was offered literally a life line of support, care and compassion when I was placed in the care of Sophie. At a time in my life when I was truly struggling to cope with both professional and personal issues, I was able to find a safe place to share some of the issues that surrounded me. The initial meeting with Sophie involved me discussing some of my concerns. I guess I was looking for some insight as to why I was experiencing the things that I was and to try through counselling to make rational sense of my situation. I spent a number of weeks being supported by Sophie and as the time passed I became stronger and stronger (only crying on the odd occasion). The conversations became more reflective and strategy based and I was able to lay a lot of my professional and personal concerns to  rest. I am a reflective person who will always try to improve any situation I find myself in and I am truly thankful that Sophie has been able to guide me to a place whereby I feel stronger, more content and with strategies to cope with the world around me. So for the time spent, the ‘conversations’ had and the caring shown I thank Sophie.

Female client